Hello Again Gang…

3 September 2021 0 By Bambam
As you know, I’m totally dependent on the internet/cable staying up.  I do have generator power, but without the “net” I can’t post.   I am today posting from a friends house outside the metro area.  Don’t have much to show, but here goes.

Since Ida, there have been 2 short lived named storms Kate & Julian that bothered no one.  We’re now up to Hurricane Larry way out in the Atlantic that is expected to become another major Cat. 3 storm.  Fortunately his future track steers him up the East coast away from land.

Closer in to us, there is an area in the Caribbean NHC is giving a small chance to develop.

This should not impact the northern Gulf coast unless something changes.    My hope is for the MJO to go into the unfavorable (sinking air) phase for the next 2-3 weeks hindering any development.  Hopefully by then some cold fronts will be arriving to protect us from future storms?  I will try and post once or twice a day IF I have internet access.  Hope to see you soon.  Stay tuned!