Ida Begins a Slow Weakening Process…

3 September 2021 0 By Bambam
Bob has lost the internet at his place, so we are posting this for him. 

At this stage, the only things to show are radar & satellite views along with wind speeds and wave heights. Landfall was at Port Fourchon and she’s now moving over Golden Meadow heading just to the east of Houma.

All of southeast LA/MS are under the heavy rain shield. As these radar views show. 

Ida has a classic satellite presentation, especially on the color IR pic….totally symmetrical with a core eyewall. 

The strongest winds will be moving over NOLA during the 3pm to 6 pm time frame. Note how many wind stations south of us are no longer reporting. 

The only good news is wave heights are coming down from earlier, but it will take many hours for Ida’s furry to wane. Stay sheltered in place as this is my final post until the internet returns. Will be back when the weather improves.