Staying Hot & Mostly Dry…

3 September 2021 0 By Bambam
As we eagerly await the first REAL cool front, Mother Nature is saying…not that fast Bubba!  IF the upper air models are correct, I don’t see a strong cool front coming during the next 2-3 weeks.

You can see cooler and drier air followed Ida over the Great Lakes and SE, but that front is not going to push through us.  The 40s & 50s dew points (good feel air) stop well north of the LA/MS line.

Satellite views are showing a couple of storm clusters, but I don’t see any widespread cooling relief for most.

Satellite views still capture the swirl that was Ida now up in Canada with her tail drapedoff the East coast back into Florida.  So without any fronts to follow, it’s back to checking the Tropics.  Boo!

This Hurricane season is far from overand NHC is following 3 areas, 2 out in the Atlantic.  Hurricane Larry is the well defined circulation midway into the Atlantic.

NHC is projecting Larry to become a major hurricane (Cat. 3), but they expect him to turn out to the north.  The East coast from Florida northward should pay attention to Larry just in case he doesn’t make that northward turn.

The other area NHC is watching is the southern Caribbean.  A weak low might develop, but it should mover into the Yucatan  before reaching the extreme southern Gulf this weekend.  Models do not develop this but we’ll keep a watch.  Of course we’re all wanting power back so we can come home, or those who stayed home can have the comfort of AC back again.  I see some neighborhoods are getting power back and, hopefully by this weekend, many will be back on line?  Until then, stay patient & stay tuned!