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Fire and Floods, And Not Ready To Tackle Them

This NYT article is totally shallow. Recent disasters are catalogued and declared to be abnormal but no attempt is made to SHOW that they are abnormal. Why? Because they are not, and a statistical presentation would show that. Weather disasters have always been with us and always will

In Louisiana and Mississippi, nearly one million people lack electricity and drinking water after a hurricane obliterated power lines. In California, wildfire menaces Lake Tahoe, forcing tens of thousands to flee. In Tennessee, flash floods killed at least 20; hundreds more perished in a heat wave in the Northwest. And in New York City, 7 inches of rain fell in just hours Wednesday, drowning people in their basements.

Disasters cascading across the country this summer have exposed a harsh reality: The United States is not ready for the extreme weather that is now becoming frequent as a result of a warming planet.

“These events tell us we’re not prepared,” said Alice Hill, who oversaw planning for climate risks on the National Security Council during the Obama administration. “We have built our cities, our communities, to a climate that no longer exists.”

In remarks Thursday, President Biden acknowledged the challenge ahead.

“And to the country, the past few days of Hurricane Ida and the wildfires in the West and the unprecedented flash floods in New York and New Jersey is yet another reminder that these extreme storms and the climate crisis are here,” said Mr. Biden, who noted that a $1 trillion infrastructure bill pending in Congress includes some money to gird communities against disasters. “We need to do — be better prepared. We need to act.”


Personal carbon allowances revisited

This is straight totalitarianism, reminiscent of Soviet Russia You will be restricted from doing things that you would normally do by a “carbon” straitjacket. Reminiscent of wartime rationing


Here we discuss how personal carbon allowances (PCAs) could play a role in achieving ambitious climate mitigation targets. We argue that recent advances in AI for sustainable development, together with the need for a low-carbon recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, open a new window of opportunity for PCAs. Furthermore, we present design principles based on the Sustainable Development Goals for the future adoption of PCAs. We conclude that PCAs could be trialled in selected climate-conscious technologically advanced countries, mindful of potential issues around integration into the current policy mix, privacy concerns and distributional impacts.


Climate groups sue after Biden administration revives Trump-era drilling leases

The Biden administration, faced with a court order to resume federal oil and gas leasing, has resurrected a Trump-era plan to offer millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico that environmentalists describe as the largest offshore sale in U.S. history.

The Interior Department said Tuesday that it would publish a notice this month offering 80.8 million acres in the Gulf. The department is revising the Trump administration‘s 79.7-million-acre plan, which was canceled shortly after President Biden took office as part of his “pause” on new oil and gas activity on federal lands and waters.

A coalition of climate organizations promptly sued in federal court to block the sale. The lawsuit said the order relied on “arbitrary environmental analyses” and cited the disconnect with Mr. Biden’s ambitious climate change agenda.

“President Biden’s administration has recognized that climate change presents immense harms and that bold, immediate actions are needed to achieve emission reductions and curb the climate emergency facing the globe,” said the lawsuit, filed by Earthjustice. “Despite this, the Biden administration’s Interior Department is holding Lease Sale 257.”

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management estimated that the sale would result in the production of up to 1.12 billion barrels of oil and 4.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas over a period of at least 50 years. The lawsuit said the production would “magnify greenhouse emissions worldwide.”

“The sale will offer over 80 million acres of public waters to the oil and gas industry, making it the largest offshore lease sale in U.S. history,” the complaint said.

The administration is moving forward with a sale it nixed just seven months ago to comply with U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty’s June order halting the leasing freeze pending the outcome of a lawsuit filed by 13 states.

The Justice Department told the court last week that it would submit the Record of Decision for the lease sale by the end of August and publish the sale notice in September.


The Myth of Climate Refugees

Thousands of illegal immigrants are streaming across to the United States’ southern border every day under President Joe Biden.

In response, climate alarmists are following former Chicago Mayor and President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s shameful advice to “never let a crisis go to waste” by repeating the false claim that many of the immigrants are “climate refugees.” Meaning they are being forced to flee their homelands by disasters caused by anthropogenic global warming.

Research shows this claim is false. Millions of people flee their homelands each year. But the causes are what they have always been: war, political persecution, crime, and poverty. Refugees now, as they always have, are leaving their countries in pursuit of a better life for their children and themselves. Not because of climate change.

A recent International Policy Digest (IPD) article titled “It’s Time to Recognize Climate Refugees” falsely claims “refugees are … fleeing climate change.”

“In the face of warmer temperatures, reduced precipitation, and blighted crops—struggling farmers from Guatemala and El Salvador are giving up and fleeing to the U.S. border,” says IPD.

“Climate change will submerge American communities like Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana, and entire countries like the Maldives.”

Narrative Belies Food Facts

The problem is the narrative doesn’t fit the facts. Guatemala’s top agricultural products are coffee and sugar cane.

Since 1988, when James Hansen famously declared, in a carefully staged Senate hearing, that humans were definitely causing dangerous global warming, data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) show Guatemala’s coffee production has set new records in nine separate years. Coffee production increased by more than 34 percent from 1998 to 2018. Guatemala’s sugar production has boomed even more over the past 33 years of modest warming, setting new records for production 19 times since 1998 and increasing by more than 284 percent.

FAO data for El Salvador is equally positive. Rather than crops failing amidst modest warming, farmers are doing better. Corn and sugar cane are two of El Salvador’s most important agricultural products. Since 1988, El Salvador’s corn harvest has set new records six times. Despite yearly ups and downs typical of crop production anywhere, El Salvador’s corn production has not fallen below its 1998 production levels since 2003, and corn production has grown 46 percent.

El Salvador’s sugar cane production has increased 162 percent since 1998, setting new records for production in 11 separate years.

FAO data show that what’s true for El Salvador and Guatemala is true for the world as a whole, with global crop yields, especially for the world’s most important cereal crops—corn, rice, and wheat—setting new records almost every year. The truth is almost all nations asserted to be shedding climate refugees due to crop failures, have been benefiting from steadily increasing crop yields over the past decades.

Freedom Not Climate Change

For instance, climate alarmists disgustingly asserted in the past that warming-induced crop failure was a reason for the Syrian civil war and the mass exodus of Syrian refugees. Syria is part of an arid, desert region of the world where, for thousands of years, droughts have been the norm, not the exception. In fact, the entire region experienced the same drought as Syria, yet war did not break out in Iran, Israel, Jordan, or Saudi Arabia.

The battle for freedom against continued tyranny, not food shortages, was responsible for the “Arab Spring” revolutions in Syria and other countries around the same time. Indeed, FAO data show Syrian crop production grew by approximately 50 percent since 1995, and the Arab Spring democracy uprisings in Syria and elsewhere, occurred in 2011, a year in which Syria produced its eighth highest crop yields in history.

Island Populations Growing

The claim that rising seas due to climate change are creating refugees from American coastal cities and small island nations is equally false. Demographic data show population, property values, and development continues to increase each year along America’s coasts.

And, multiple studies conducted over the past two decades confirm, the majority of islands predicted to shed climate refugees due to sea-level rise are growing, not shrinking, as are their populations and related infrastructure.

For example, one recent peer-reviewed study found eight out of Tuvalu’s nine coral atolls have grown in size during recent decades, and 3/4ths of Tuvalu’s 101 reef islands have similarly grown in size. Also, Tuvalu is experiencing net immigration rather than net emigration. There are 20 percent more people living in Tuvalu now than 30 years ago. Tuvalu’s population has doubled since 1970.

Also, whereas 30 years ago, the Canberra Times claimed all 1,196 islands that comprise the Maldives could be completely underwater by now. Not only are all 1,196 islands still there, but the Maldives population has doubled during the past 20 years. People are flocking to the Maldives islands, not fleeing them.

The constant attempt to link illegal immigration to climate change is part and parcel of what one author referred to as “the endless, fruitless search for climate refugees.” Climate refugees, if they exist at all, are few and far between, and provide no justification for authoritarian policies to fight climate change or open border immigration.


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