Gulf Disturbance Trying To Get Better Organized?

11 September 2021 0 By Bambam
Just looking at satellite views and it is obvious the clusters of T-Storms over the southern Gulf have increased since yesterday.   However, looking at the color IR view shows there is no organization…yet.

I’ve circled where I believe there might be a weak center and that lines up where NHC places the X on their outlook map. But note how the bright reds are scattered everywhere.

If you compare today’s NHC’s outlook map to yesterday, the arrow does NOT point towards Louisiana.  What has changed is the color from yellow (slight) to orange (moderate) which means there is a better chance for development as this system heads to the NE.  We have several things working for us as a weak front has brought drier air just to our north.  That dry air will surge over us by Thursday blocking Invest 91 L from coming our way.

Dew Points are in the 50s as far south as Houston.  That is the good feel air that will be with us Thursday through Saturday.

Several areas have been hit with heavy downpours this afternoon and they have been slow movers dropping 1-3″ of rain.  These storms are the result of daytime heating and have NOTHING to do with the disturbance way down in the Gulf. They have brought some much needed cooling relief.

Outside of the southern Gulf disturbance, the only other thing NHC is following is Hurricane Larry way out in the Atlantic,   He has weakened down to 115 mph (Cat. 3) and should stay east of Bermuda.

And finally, I am nominating David Bernard as the hardest working weatherperson in New Orleans.

If not the hardest working, then the most overworked weatherperson.  As many of you know, Shelby Latino is on family leave with the arrival of her triplets several weeks ago.   That leaves the FOX 8 weather office shorthanded, and since they produce the most newscasts during the day, it creates issues with vacation time and holidays.  David and (much younger!) Zack Fradella have taken over all the weather programs and I feel David needs some time off, which he should get during the next few weeks.  I salute David as I know first hand the stress involved with continuous hurricane coverage.  Bravo!  Stay tuned!