Is Depression Forming SE Of Mouth Of River?

11 September 2021 0 By Bambam
This is just a heads up to pay attention, especially if you have plans to go to the beaches next 2 days, that a tropical depression maybe forming SE of the mouth of the Mississippi.  Satellite and radar views are indicating a swirl.

The Gulf remains in a hostile environment for development as I’ve drawn in (yellow) the upper low that is creating lots of wind shear.   The surface (Red) low is already east of the mouth so most of the rains will stay away from us and head to the beaches.  

NHC has increased their chances for development to 50%, but they must not be concerned since no Recon flight is scheduled.  Radar clearly shows the mass of rain going east of Mobile Bay.  As this weak feature goes by, the circulation on the backside from the north will bring in much drier air for tomorrow.   Fortunately we need not worry about Invest 91 L even if it becomes a TD.  Will post later today.  Stay tuned!