No New Gulf Disturbance For us…This Week…

11 September 2021 0 By Bambam
I know there is lots of anxiety regarding another Gulf storm coming this week.  Based on what I’m seeing, that will NOT happen for LA/MS.   The latest model data indicates IF anything tries to develop, it will do so to our east.

At 5 PM, David showed where NHC believes the area of concern has shifted.  I placed an L just west of the Yucatan, but that is an UPPER low.  Tropical systems usually don’t develop under an upper low.

In addition, the GFS model doesn’t develop anything while the Euro forms a weak low south of Apalachicola  that would actually draw down a weak cool front for us later this week.

Alright, you won’t need sweaters, but a little cooler and drier is a beginning.  Nationally, there are several fronts on the surface map.  However, when Montana is still in the 80s, that tells me no real front is in sight for the next 10-14 days.

Dew points are in the 50s & 60s north of the front that should slide through us on Wednesday.  

We have seen a couple of pop up storms bring some brief cooling relief this afternoon.   That’s about all we can hope for the next several days.  The Tropics remain active, but not around us.

Hurricane Larry remains a powerful Cat. 3 (125 mph) storm, but he’s heading east of Bermuda and away from the U.S.  The GFS does develop a strong tropical system over the western Gulf a week from tomorrow.  Do I believe that?  Nah, not yet.  Let’s see several more model runs before we need to get concerned.  Right now, I’m happy to be back home in my house with power, internet/cable and cold beer and wine.  I know many of you are not as fortunate.  Please stay patient as thousands of Entergy/Cleco and other power companies’ lineman are working in extreme heat to get services restored.  Cudos to my Cox cable folks too.  Stay tuned!