On The Gulf Watch Again ???!!!

11 September 2021 0 By Bambam
Did you ever feel like you’re the guy on the beach knocked down by a big fella and now he’s kicking sand on you while you’re down?  I kinda feel that way since NHC has now highlighted an area for development in the central Gulf south of Louisiana for next Tuesday & Wednesday.

The top graphic is from yesterday where the Texas Coast was the “target”. Today’s view is on the bottom with the threat more towards us and the MS/AL/FL beaches.   

The top view has clusters of T-Storms over the Yucatan with no organization.  The main models show a surge of tropical moisture will head northward into the Gulf, but the main models do not develop much of anything.  The bottom view is the water vapor channel that has lots of dry air across the northern Gulf.  IF something tries to form, development should be very slow.  But it’s September and it’s over the Gulf so we watch.

The other big news in the Tropics is Larry has become the 3rd major hurricane this season.  Fortunately he will stay way east of the U.S.

There is another weak front that will try to stagger down to us later next week.   Hopefully it gets enough push to force whatever tries to form in the Gulf to our east?   Regardless, between the front coming down and the tropical moisture surging northward, our rain chances will increase which is not what we want or need right now.

With no AC, temps in the 90s makes life difficult right now for many.  I will drive back on Sunday so don’t expect a post unless I can have Rob relay my info from Colorado.   Be safe trying to return home.  I have a generator, but if you don’t, wait until you know power is back before you come home.  With another possible Gulf disturbance next week, I’d wait until it passes.   Stay tuned!