Tropical Depression # 13 Forms in NE Gulf, Might Become Mindy? And It is!

11 September 2021 0 By Bambam
As I mentioned in my special morning blog post, a swirl off the mouth of the River has become better organized and buoy reports on its eastern side are now gusting to near Tropical Storm force.   The only question now remaining for TD 13, is there enough time left over water (6-8 hours) for it to be named Tropical Storm Mindy.  I hope not as that would trigger the hurricane deductible on most homeowners policies.

I’ve circled the larger UPPER low over the south central Gulf with the smaller surface low SW of Panama City.   You can clearly see the circulation on radar that keeps getting better defined as it approaches the coast.  Most of the heaviest rainfall will be from Destin eastward.  This will be a short lived storm as NHC indicates.   Well, well, NHC takes Invest 91L  right to Tropical Storm Mindy.  It is NOT our problem.

What is more exciting for us is the first real Fall cold front will sweep through during the day on Thursday.  Dew points will dip into the 40s & 50s resulting in cooler over night temps north of Lake P.  Since the Lake water temp is in the high 80s, the cooling will not be as exciting south of the Lake.

With such lower dew points coming. I’m thinking widespread 50s will be the case on the North Shore for Friday & Saturday.  FOX 8 is more conservative.

Locally, 80% of us have been dry as a few showers bubbled up.

With so many repairing structures, stringing lines for power, this front is just what we need.  We’ll have many days of sunny & dry weather and not so hot.  Finally,

Hurricane Larry has weakened to a Cat. 2 and will stay well east of Bermuda & the U.S.  The bottom photo is from 51 years ago this month, when 22 year old Bob Zabrecky (my birth name) accepted his medal for expert rifleman at Marine base Camp Pendleton.  Out of a platoon of 65 guys, only one made expert and that was the little Fella!  Semper Fi Gang!  Stay tuned!