Tropics Remain Active, Larry Now a Cat. 2…

11 September 2021 0 By Bambam
We are nearing the peak time, historically, for hurricane activity.  NHC is following two systems with Hurricane Larry heading towards becoming our next major.    Following Grace and Ida, Larry would be the third major in what was predicted to be an active season.

This afternoon’s satellite views capture a strengthening storm with the classic eye popping out along with a donut hole eye wall forming.

Fortunately, models and NHC turn Larry away from the U.S. with only Bermuda getting some impacts.  However, NHC is now highlighting an area in the Gulf for next week.

Satellite views have a weak low circulating over the Yucatan and several models are hinting this system could head northward towards Louisiana for Tuesday & Wednesday.  No  model develops it very much, but it could bring another slug of tropical moisture/rains to us at a time many are making repairs to their property and crews are trying to restore power.    I’ll watch it closely.

Back over the states, several weak fronts are around with one stalling just to our north.  Some drier air has filtered in limiting most shower activity.  It’s still hot, but not quite as humid.  No real cold front is in sight, but a weak one will get close for Monday and Tuesday increasing our clouds and rain chances.  Aside from that, it still feels very much like summer.  Stay tuned!