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Our Message

THCBD Farms Foundation of earth along with Natura Revelata Limited are partnershipped to bring cannabis into the UK to fight biodiversity loss, yes cannabis is here for the reasons it should be AS A PART OF NATURE, FOR NATURE. Yes, cannabis is and has been here for a while but there are too many for profit dealers now, some come disgused with degrees and medical backgrounds like me while others are prosecuted and targeted by our corrupt criminal justice system who still look for the same outcomes for our health’s, not specifically the police forces approach but also the courts to the top of politics itself. so, We like to dance within the greyness of CBD and the “legal” primary and secondary metabolites of the cannabis species that are not a controlled substance in the United Kingdom.  We initially applied to do the cannabis manufacturing under a charitable CIO structure for the same reasons some had witnessed us prepare as legally as we could for their acceptance before continuing the applied growth were operating at now but a number of reasons forced us to do our aims as a private limited company.

THCBD Farms Foundation of earth is now a small charity after much deliberation and we will be receiving £4,999.99 annually to purchase and manage around 25,000 trees each year at a cost of 20p per cutting, before expanding with natura Revelata providing the initial donation and the rent free land to propagate and provide environmental securities for a number of years, We have only capacity for 2,500 at the moment but a start is a start, Upon some growth of the tree cuttings we shepard we will be looking at giving them away for free / costs of postage to charities and organisations that focus on the planting of trees into the environment

Natura Revelata is continuing the growth of application of manufacturing cannabis as intended, and have already aimed to get operational internationally with investments aimed at Michigan for legal cultivation and Australia for continued growth, In the UK we have reached our £25,000 stock level limits for our cbd product ranges at our home base and have the complete manufacturing and office sites operational after one month of actual trading and all sales in the UK now are split between continued sustainable business development and growth and the commitments that the business is formed to give towards biodiversity loss, The initial collaborators for the start of the failed CIO and the business plans for the future look to ensure the business is aimed at achieving the following targets with Natura Revelata Limited.

1. The manufacturing of cannabis globally to provide the investments our planet requires.
2. The sheparding of 100s of million trees on 5 continents.
3. Privately purchase and recondition  land from people / businesses who destroy it to re-wild and give back to our planet and give to charities to manage for free ensuring security of land for rewilding.
4. The retail and sale of cannabis based “products” to people and businesses globally within each countrys laws with the Reputation of our business and aims of our business and aims being that of what tied into (1. The manufacturing) and (2.our environmental aims)to give ourselves the highest possible standards.
5. A business approach that is unique and respects our aims to the environment and that of the staff and partners collaborators and freelancers that assist in continued growth and success of the business,
6.policies adapted to ensure no one can financially profit or take from the business or have bonuses related to specific job roles such as “director bonus” there is none of that under Natura Revelata everyone is an equal and valued member and gets paid and treat as equally.

Our aims are to continue to

1.invest into our UK cannabis operations and apply greater work on the health and safety and legal operational requirements and standards set out for controlled drug licencing before we work towards the legal requirements and the standards of that we will be setting our standards towards
2. progress THCBD Farms growth from 2,500 to 100,000 trees to be done annually.
3. Continue our progressions toward licencing with novel foods and cosmetics
4. Continue the progress on our website and ensuring we can get all content and information as public as possible.
5. Await outcome from international markets and apply what interests are needed upon outcomes

Our Timeline

Natura Revelata - 2019 - THCBD Applied to be a CIO - 2020 - Started Private Business - 2021 - April | Started Trading

Our full spectrum products are supplimented with the following ratios of primary metobolites from the cannabis species and a list of secondary metobolites are included with each product.

  • CBD 60%
  • CBG 20%
  • CBE 7.4%
  • CBDV 2.6%
  • Δ-9 THC – 0.1%
  • Total 90.1%

Our isolate products are supplimented with the following ratios of primary metobolites from the cannabis species and a list of secondary metobolites are included with each product.

  • CBD 99%