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A Couple of Thoughts on Medical Studies Given Recent Experience

By Bambam
 Here is the iron law of medical — in fact all scientific — studies in the modern world: most do not replicate.  This has always been true of studies that supposedly find some link between doing [thing we enjoy] and cancer.  This of course does not stop the media from running with initial study results […]

Australia and COVID Zero: What Was The Long-Term Plan?

By Bambam
Five years or so ago I remember it was a popular social media poll question in this country to ask where one would live if they could not live in the US.  I remember that Australia and New Zealand were often near the top of the lists.  Which leads me to ask today — would […]

Crazy Government Responses to COVID Part 3: The Wrong Metrics

By Bambam
It should not be surprising that any roundup I do of problems with COVID response would include a chapter on metrics — I am a very strong believer that metrics and incentives live at the very heart of most private and public organizational failures.  I already dealt with incentives in part I, though I will […]