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Turquoise Lakes & Alpine Meadows of Banff & Yoho National Parks

By Bambam
As you venture forth into the Canadian Rockies, you’ll be entering a realm of turquoise lakes and wildflower meadows. Grand mountains rise into the clouds, and glacier-fed rivers run through deep valleys as you hike through the alpine wilderness. WILDLIFE Wildlife inhabits every corner of Canada’s national parks, from brown bears and wolverines to elk, [&hellip

Good News: Pikas Now Predicted to Persist

By Bambam
A relative of rabbits, tiny, cute and charismatic American pikas typically live in cool, mountain environments and find refuge from the hot sun under boulders and rocks. Because the animals are sensitive to high temperatures, some researchers in the recent past have predicted that as the climate warms, pikas will have to move to ever-higher [&hellip

Whale Species You Can See on a Quebec Nature Tour

By Bambam
Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park is one of French Canada’s best-kept secrets. Home to more than 2,200 species, this National Marine Conservation Area offers some of the best whale-watching in the world. From May through October, these giant marine mammals congregate where the Saguenay River meets the St. Lawrence Estuary. This watershed is a gateway between [&hellip

Taking on the Tolt on an Icelandic Horse

By Bambam
Small but strong, with a thick tail and a gorgeous, flowing mane, an Icelandic horse always inspires dreams of gracefully galloping over an ice- and snow-encrusted landscape on the back of a beautiful and spirited steed. One of my most cherished dreams has always been to ride an Icelandic horse—in Iceland. It turns out that [&hellip