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 by natura is established to fulfil a number of key business and HR objectives:

  • To improve business performance (e.g., productivity, sales or profits)
  • To focus management efforts on key objectives such as Licencing and contract building
  • To increase future employee motivation by establishing a clear link between pay and performance (at an individual or team level)
  • To support stakeholder ideals by allowing employees to share in the success of the business’s growth
  • To encourage change within the organisation. To create the desired workplace culture by, e.g., rewarding productivity, loyalty and attitude.


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Flexability is offered, work from your phone, tablet, laptop or pc we have cloud based services via microsoft and our websites hosting provider.

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Payout rates

For simplicity 25% of each order placed will be rewarded to you for bringing custom to Natura Revelata.

Subject to change based on feedback from commissioners.


Other Bonuses

  1. Most sales annually – holiday weekend in UK travel and accommodation covered anytime and anywhere.
  2. Largest sale monthly – amazon voucher for 50% of sale value
  3. Those who excel and show effort into sales can be expected to choose further studying certified diplomas or degrees to advance career prospects.
  4. Any B2B contracts you generate will allow you to receive 10% of their monthly contract profits we receive for as long as contract is valid, if large enough to support employment, employment will be offered.